Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Firefox browser does not have the same resize behaviour as any other windows app.

Grab the resize handle in the bottom right hand corner of a Windows app.

Resize the window to the left until the mouse passes the left hand edge of the window.

Move the mouse back right.

Observe that the window does not start expanding rightwards until the mouse has travelled back to meet the right hand edge.

Try it again in Firefox.

Observe that the window starts to expand rightwards as soon as the mouse starts moving right.

Gosh that was nerdy.


Blogger Phil Wilson said...

It's bizarre that it's only with the resize handle, and not the left-hand side of the window. Some dodgy code there methinks.

12:46 am  
Blogger dracoling said...

Wow... people actually use the resize handle? After reading this I grabbed the bottom corner of my firefox window and tried it and it didn't work. Then I realized that the resize handle you meant was just inside the window. Odd behaviour I never would have noticed :)

2:26 pm  

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