Monday, April 11, 2005

8-point Agenda is a dirge

Herbalizer's "8-point Agenda" features in the Kleptones mashup track "Plan" over the top of Queen's "I'm Going Slightly Mad".

It sounds great, and I guess I knew it had been sped up, because it has the hint of the Smurfs about it here and there.

I didn't realize how much though, but on downloading it I have to say I'm ever so dissapointed. It sound like they're rapping through treacle.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had the opposite reaction after listening in the opposite order- the Kleptones version sounds way too rushed. It's a really chill track that grew on me the more I heard it- Latyrx have the rare gift of making rhymes that have dense content but also a smooth flow. MMM. Dense, smooth treacle.

1:52 pm  

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