Friday, February 04, 2005

Holiday catch up.

Petrol is too cheap in the US, it's obscene.

While I knew that most American cars use their brake lights as indicators, I did not realise that many also keep their front orange indicators illuminated at all times for no readily apparent reason.

Snow White is the least attractive of the Disney Princesses

Manta Rays smell disgusting, Dolphins do not

A road system that allows you to run red lights when making right turns makes little or no sense.

US roads would require substantially less tarmac if they adopted the roundabout in favour of absurdly long link roads between major highways.

Tipping for everything is embarassing.

Donuts are not an acceptable breakfast in a civilised society.

Gentoos are a type of penguin which I suppose makes sense (via Seaworld).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're supposed to come to a stop, THEN turn right on red, silly! Besides, it isn't legal in all states and even then, many intersections don't permit it because the traffic volume is so high.

And as for roundabouts? Traffic accidents would skyrocket, since most people here drive like maniacs anyway. :)

12:44 pm  

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